#2 Case of Pick-Pocket Transgender

“He was a brilliant criminal and he used many different names. The man who robbed the bank in Detroit and shot the bank manager was known as Dominic. The man who committed fraud in Melbourne was known as Filch. The Interpol believed that Dominic and Filch were the same man. The Interpol could not catch Dominic. He was very careful to protect his real identity. Most of the people who worked with him did not even know what he looked like. Only two people in the world could identify him. One of them was the bank manager he had killed in Detroit. Dominic shot him in front of his wife. It was the other person who ended Dominic’s criminal career.” Conan said listening to his latest purchase of The Beatles’ audio cd.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“It all happened in a very dull way if you look at it from one point of view.” Conan continued without answering my question, “ But the story is very different if you look at it from another point of view. I first heard the case from a young detective from Interpol that I met in a Kolkata police Headquarter at Lalbazar, on request of Kumar. Then the young detective called Miss Van Snoop gave me more information and I promised to help her.”

“What happened then?” I inquired.

“A young transgender was driving down from Phoolbagan to Kankurgachi one day in a cab. It was about one-thirty in the afternoon and it was warm and sunny. The cab was travelling slowly, because the young transgender was afraid of high speed. The street was full of women doing their shopping and men standing around talking. The young transgender looked at the street with interest.”

Conan paused a bit to have a outside view of the setting sun casting a golden shadow on the sky, with birds flying back home and slowly the new moon rising. While in the background The Beatles’ music had cast a beautiful magic. In single term, the set was just bravura.

“There was a little stir as the young transgender’s cab approached the Hotel Rose.” Continued Conan, “One cab was stopping outside the restaurant and there were two others behind it. The traffic in the street stopped for a moment. The transgender looked at the people who were standing on the steps of the building. She sat back quickly in her seat.

‘Drop me here, ‘ she told the driver.

Her accent was normal. The driver stopped the cab and the transgender got out. She gave the driver a note. The driver looked at it with interest.

He smiled. Transgender are very generous, ‘ he said to himself.

 The transgender walked towards the Hotel Rose. She glanced at the men who were standing on the steps. Several of the men looked at her with interest. They were surprised to see a transgender at such a high standard hotel. She entered the restaurant and walked into the dining room.

 ‘Transgender I tell you,’ one of the men commented. ‘They go anywhere they want. They’re not afraid of anything! ‘

There was a tall man walking in front of the transgender towards the dining room. He was very well dressed. He stopped for a moment when he entered the dining room. He was looking for a table. The transgender stopped behind him. The waiter waved the man to a table. The transgender sat down at a table behind him. ‘Excuse me, madam.’ the waiter said to her. ‘This table is for four people. Would you mind—?

‘I guess I’ll stay where I am,’ the transgender said softly. She gave the waiter a determined look and put some money into his hand. The restaurant was full of people. Many people looked at the transgender who was eating alone, but she did not seem to be embarrassed or shy. She did not to be embarrassed or shy. She did not look at anyone. When she was not looking at her plate, she kept her eyes fixed on the back of the man at the next table. He ordered champagne with his lunch. The transgender drank water. Suddenly she called a waiter.

‘Please bring me a sheet of paper and my bill, ‘ she said quietly. The waiter came back with a sheet of paper. The transgender thought for a few minutes. Then she began to write something. She folded the paper and put it in her purse. Then she paid her bill. A few minutes later the man at the next table paid his bill as well. The transgender put on her gloves and watched the man’s back. The man got up to leave the dining room. He walked past the transgender’s table. She turned her face away and looked at a mirror on the wall. Then she, too, got up. She followed the man out of the dining room. The man stopped on the stepped on the steps for a moment.

The porter was talking to a policeman. He noticed the man and asked him if he wanted a cab. ‘Yes, please, ‘ the man replied. Then the porter noticed the transgender. She was standing behind the man. As he turned towards her, he saw that her hand was in the man’s pocket. She was guess stealing something. She pulled his wallet out, had a quick view, and winked at the porter. Suddenly the man in black coat noticed his wallet at her hand.

‘What—!’ the man cried out.

He turned round to face the transgender.

 ‘Is something missing, sir?’ the porter asked him.

‘My wallet, ‘ the man said. ‘It’s gone. ‘

 ‘What’s this?’ said the policeman. He stepped forward.

 The porter pointed at the transgender. ‘That woman has stolen this gentleman’s wallet, ‘ he said. ‘I saw her doing it. ‘

The man looked at the transgender. ‘Just give it back, ‘ he said quietly. ‘I don’t want to make a fuss about it. ‘

 ‘I haven’t got it, ‘ the transgender answered. ‘I’m not a thief. I never touched your pocket. ‘

‘I saw her do it.’ the porter said again.

 ‘Right!’ said the policeman suddenly. ‘You’ll have to come with me, young umm whoever you are. You too, sir, ‘ he said to the well-dressed man. ‘We’ll take a cab to the police station. ‘

 ‘I didn’t steal anything.’ the transgender said again.

She got into the cab very calmly when it arrived. The policeman watched her carefully. He did not want her to throw anything out of the window. The well-dressed man sat quietly in the cab, looking out of the window. When they arrived at the police station the transgender denied the crime again. ‘We’ll have to search her, ‘ the inspector decided.

She was taken to a room for an interview with the female searcher. The transgender entered the room of the female searcher. As soon as the door was closed she put her hand in her pocket. She took out the wallet and placed it on the table.

‘There you are,’ the transgender said. ‘Now, ‘ she went on, ‘I want you to look in this pocket. Find my purse and take it out. ‘

 The woman took out the transgender’s purse. ‘Open it, ‘ the transgender ordered. ‘There’s a note inside, ‘ she said. ‘Read it, please.’

 The woman took out the note the transgender had written in the restaurant. It said:

 ‘I am going to steal something from this man. It is the only way to get him into a police station without violence. He is Dominic, alias Filch. Interpol wants him. He is a very dangerous man. ‘

 ‘Take that note to your boss, ‘ told the woman. ‘Do it now!’

 The woman left the room and spoke to someone in the corridor. A few minutes later the inspector came into the room. ‘Don’t worry, ‘ the transgender told him, Inspector Kumar will vouch for me. He will prove who I really am and look in side the wallet. You will find enough id to confirm him to be Dominic.’

The inspector left the room. The transgender listened attentively. Then she heard a shout from the next room. The inspector came back.

‘Heavens! think you’re right, ‘ he told her. ‘It is Dominic. But why didn’t you ask the police to help you? ‘

‘You couldn’t as police didn’t have solid evidence to proof that he is Dominic, so we laid a trap and a drama’ the transgender explained. ‘And now I have, ‘ she said quietly.

Thirty minutes later she left the police station with Inspector Kumar after seeing Dominic in chains and behind bar.” Conan stopped narrating finally.

“But who was this person? The transgender?” I asked.

Conan didn’t replied to my question but went into his room. After few minutes he came out of his room and I repeated the question without looking up at him, “ Who was the transgender?”

Conan replied in a abrasive  voice , “The transgender is here.”

I looked up to see the exact face of the transgender as given in the newspaper who helped the police catching international crime lord Dominic. It was Conan all along in disguise.

 “That was way too dangerous” I remarked.

Conan just smiled.

I further asked, “But why you?”

“Well Interpol was sure Dominic was in city but wasn’t sure oh his identity, the lady detective had a suspicion on this black coat man but lacked evidence. Kolkata Police couldn’t act due to lack of evidence. That is when I was introduced in the scene by Kumar. I heard about the problem and gave the idea of pickpocketing the man’s wallet for clues. Once sure of his identity, we could take him to police station for turning the pickpocket in. As she, Interpol nor Kolkata Police could do it, so I offered my wish to play the transgender pickpocket to catch him.” Conan replied smilingly.

“But that was way too dangerous”, I said.

Conan just laughed and replied “My dear Duce! What is life without danger?”

Then suddenly a though struck me and I asked “Conan, were you sure that this black coat man was Dominic?

Conan smiled again and retorted, “Just a hunch Duce, just a hunch.”

While I was entering this case in my records I thought “Which detective will act in this crooked manner to catch a crook?”

So this is Conan de Souza, a private detective who would go to any extremes to solve a case just to see justice prevails at last.



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